March 10, 2014

Take Aim

If you are following me in Instagram (@ohohbilzy), you might knew that I won an international giveaway from Michelle Madsen, a blogger and a designer in LA. I got to have this TAKE AIM Necklace (designed by her) from LOVE NAIL TREE. I just can't believe, until now, that I won her giveaway from her blog. I was searching for fashion blog giveaways on the internet and then I came across to her site. To win, I have to share what I am specifically taking aim at right now and what am I pursuing in life. I simply answered:

"NICE GIVEAWAY! I am so wishing for that necklace! Anywho I’m taking aim for updating my blog more often coz I’m just a student now and I had to prioritize my school work first. Fashion blogging is what I’m addicted to right now. Being a world renowned style blogger is my dream! ♥ "

..and from that she then emailed me that I won her giveaway. Yay! Last week, I was able to get it from PhilPost here in Cebu and enjoyed taking outfit shots wearing it. In return, I did get inspired from the thought of her blog TAKE AIM. Putting up your goals to the peak of your priorities is one way to achieve it and make the most out of it. If you are just focused and always believe in yourself, nothing can surely go wrong. Despite of everything that bothers you, put them out and TAKE AIM for your dreams! (gosh, I sound like a motivational speaker here huh!)

My OOTD was a matter of mixin' and matchin' some staple pieces. I was lucky to snag this UNIQLO sweater in a thrift store downtown. I paired it with my khaki shorts and ended it all up with a cream-colored beanie my sister bought in SURPLUS SHOP. Of course, I used the necklace that I won and my nerdy glasses as my accessories. Footwear? My dirty old sneaks! Can't go wrong if you know how to blend these pieces together with the right attitude. What do you think of this style?

Amazing shots taken from my amazing bloggermate: Jou Anne ♥

Denim Sweater - UNIQLO (thrifted)
Khaki Shorts - Nike
Old Sneaks - Converse
Nerdy Glasses


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  1. Nice look! Cool kid kay ka tan.awn!

    New post in my blog:

  2. nice pics!

  3. I must say you have an informative and entertaining blog. Especially that post which I like most. Looking forward for more stuff like that about December as well.