June 21, 2014

Junior College (+ How To Survive In College)

How's the first week of school (or the 2nd/3rd)? I bet you can feel now the perks of being a student right? Going home late, tired from schoolworks, and all those brain-wracking to-do-lists you still have to accomplish. Yes, it's a bit of a challenge to be in school but no matter how many hurdles we have to get through, no one can't take that very important thing from you (aside from the diploma haha), your KNOWLEDGE and that roller-coaster EXPERIENCE. Education is life itself. It builds everyone's future and our foundation in becoming a great individual.

I'm now in my Third Year in Cebu Normal University, and the pressure is really on. Taking up a grueling degree program made me who I am right now and might be who I am in the near future. Now, how did I survive? Scroll down as I spill my tips!

You are what and who you believed in. Your FAITH keeps you going every single day. In my case, I start my day with a prayer to offer everything to God. Nothing beats the feeling of being guided and loved from the Almighty Father!


Cliche it may sounds but most of us would rush to school without having our breakfast. That 7AM schedule tempts us to just go hurriedly from home to avoid a check mark for tardiness. Yep, a part of being a student is to come early in school but this doesn't mean to skip the most important meal of the day. My trick? I munch a portion of my breakky in the middle of my preparation for school (putting on my uniform, pampering myself, wearing those socks and etc.) to save time!

Time is precious and we can't just waste a minute of it. Some may spend it talking to friends or even browsing the net to check their Facebook or Instagram accounts. Well, reading and reviewing your notes will surely help you in recitation and exams. Gosh! having a 1.9 to flat 1.0 grade is an achievement (trust me, wink).


College is far different from high school. This is where you start feeling being independent and mature. So, try to mingle with different kinds of people and who knows you might see yourself in them too. It just takes a little drama to know who really you're friends are, and if you have that, you can survive anything!


Being alone and such a geek freak will keep you isolated from the society. It doesn't mean you really have to fully pay your attention to academics and forget doing what you love the most (right?). I'm sure your school has a variety of clubs and organizations that would let you do something within your sphere. Then, you go join! Aside from the learning you'll get from your teachers and classmates, you'll also get a different kind of experience in dance troupes, debate teams, journalism, student council and a lot more.


After that freaking long examination or that nerve-wracking oral defense, you totally deserve something in return, of course aside from a good grade! Treat yourself in an afternoon snacks with friends, or a weekend shopping perhaps or even buying yourself that one gadget you dreamed of. TAKE A BREAK, as what KitKat always reminds us. Don't forget to have time for yourself or you let stress take over you. Me? Well, STRESSED is just DESSERTS spelled backwards (winks haha).

and lastly,..


Life reflects what you project. In every hardships or in drastic situations, we can't afford to frown and just fret around looking so upset. Many people will also get worried from the look in your face right? So SMILE, it brings inner joy and hope (I do that everytime).

And that's it! These are just some of the things I do to keep on going in living the college life. Hope it helps!
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Photos by: Rochelle Jumawan
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  1. I love those socks! And those are some great tips to give college students!