November 16, 2014

Fly Me To The Galaxy

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First ever collaborator abroad is from THE TWINEES!
I've always been fascinated on anything cosmic just like the majestic galaxy. This stellar print puts a new trend on youth fashion today and adds rad-ity to any outfit, do you agree?
Since my first galactical OOTD here in my blog, I wished to wear more galaxy-printed garments then and this "Stellar Galaxy Drawstring Bag" came and made me so excited to style!

Specializing on drawstring bags, The Twinees,based in SINGAPORE, offers quality products and a variety of super-cool designs to choose from (very cute too!). They also have tote and sling bags. If you love Finn The Human and the rest of the gang, they've got their Adventure Time Collection (so quirky). I adore their eyeball-designed drawstring bag too.
To see all their products visit now!

Browse them on their social media accounts too:

They ship their items WORLDWIDE folks, go grab one for yourself NOW!


Sunnies - SM Accessories
Plane Necklace - Crafts&Soul
Black Sweater
Slim Fit Jeans - Streetcode at Metro Department Stores
Shoes - REVA



Photos shot by:
 Jou Anne April


  1. Love the bag gyud! So sad I don't have paypal yet to purchase anything online! :(

    Janine |

    1. di maguol mommy, kay oka aw pa sad ahahhaha :D

    2. Hahaha mao lage! Mao IG/FB online shop ragyud ko! Lahams pud international online shops oi. D keri sa budget! Haha

  2. Really love the bag! ������

  3. Wow nice outfit!
    Jeans - Try to visit they have nice shoes, handbags, dresses and accessories too!

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  5. You should lend me your cool bag! I want to jog with that bag around campus to attract more HOT guys! WAHAHAHA just kidding.

    Lasting On My Mind

    1. hahahahha wish I could meet you in person Mich and share common interests! hahahahha someday someday ;)

  6. Do you have a review about website? madami ding silang mga accessories na pang lalake nung nag tingin ako.