June 21, 2015

Backstory Kitchen & Cafe

Another food review for #StylesOfBilzy today and this time,
I welcome you to Backstory Kitchen & Cafe.

I must say, cafes are indeed sprouting in every corner of the city right now, and I always get fascinated to any food spots (new and interesting ones) that I could find on Instagram. 
Yes, it's through that photo-sharing mobile application that I was able to know their place. With excitement, me and Laila went over there to chill out on a gloomy afternoon. 
So, I hope you'll enjoy the rest of my review as you read along!

As you step in to the white-fenced front yard of the cafe, very cute green plants and a big chalkboard will welcome you. From the outside, you can really tell that they only have a small lot (but as what they say, big things come from small beginnings :D). Hence, there is no enough parking space if you'll prefer coming here with your wheels.

Inside the cafe, you'll see a very small place lit with yellow lights and with walls painted in white. They only have a few furnitures and less decorations, but I love the minimalist vibe of their interior (it seems like every little things are instagrammable). Since there is only a limited space, you can bring a maximum of 4-5 friends if you'll be panning to visit here in groups.

And now to the main part of any cafes, THE FOOD they offer!!
Backstory Kitchen & Cafe gives a variety of scrumptious meals that can leave you wanting for more (SRSLY, we were so full, haha). They have a wide range of drinks and beverages, pasta orders, a few kinds of burgers, sandwiches and sorts of snacks. They also have "MEAL FOR THE DAY" (which is actually good for lunch or dinner!).

Here's a complete list of their menu (as of time of writing).

They also have featured cupcakes for the day and I'm guessing this was a delectable Blueberry Cupcake. Yumyum! :)

Now on to our orders.
I decided to dig in their best seller from their menu, and that's the Backstory Burger (P120). I also tried to sip a taste of their White Choco Chip Cookies Frappe (Coffee-based, for only P100).
She tasted heaven after ordering a Red Velvet Frappe (Coffe-based, P100). For her meal, since she was craving for pasta, she opted to eat Spaghetti Meatballs (P120)

All I can say is, BUUURP!
Totally worth it. I love how good the food was for a price that's so affordable!

Here's my yaya for that day (haha)!
We really had a good time visiting Backstory Kitchen & Cafe (of course, this will not be the last)!


What I love
Good service.
Cute things inside.
Social Media. They repost your photos on IG (haha)
Great place with great food. Definitely a must-try!

Needs Improvement
Space. They have to extend for a 2nd floor.
Poor Lighting. You have to be outside or near the windows to take good photos.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thebackstorycafe
Instagram: @backstorykitchenandcafe

They are located at 261-B Don Mariano Cui St. Capitol Site, Cebu City. Facing the Provincial Capitol you turn left by the 7/11 store towards NBI. Then turn left again and you'll see CEBU-R HOTEL and YAKSKI Barbecue (where they are directly across).

Opening Days and Hours: Monday-Saturday (12noon-12midnight) and Sunday (5pm-12midnight)

Shots by: Laila
Fedora Hat
Sunnies - Metro Department Store
Shirt - Thrifted
Watch - IG: @trendyphernalia
Skinny Pants
Socks - Richer Poorer
Shoes - Thrifted


"Thank you for reading. Do leave your comments or questions below!"

Bilzy Sombilon


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