September 24, 2015

In With The Old

Have you ever thrown your old clothes away? Or are you some sort of a sartorial hoarder just like me? (HAHA!)

Old or new, if I find it good and still fits for my body type and my style, I always keep them under my wide array of clothes. Just like this old cargo shorts that I have, I remember a relative of mine gave this to me during Christmas. You wouldn't see guys wearing this kind of shorts nowadays because it's the "tailor-fit/slim-cut/skinny era." Yeah, but sometimes, we need to take a breather for always engaging ourselves to what's new and trendy and rather try wearing again old pieces from our wardrobes. It's easy and fun to mix and match with. I honestly had NO (yes NO!) "prestyling" sesh on this OOTD. *laughs*

Shots by: Orven

Gray Fedora
Eyewear - REM Eyewear
Plain Shirt
Feather Necklace - DIY
Accessories - SM Accessories
Old Cargo Shorts - Wrangler Jeans


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Bilzy Sombilon

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  1. I must say you have an informative and entertaining blog. Especially that post which I like most. Looking forward for more stuff like that about December as well.