May 30, 2014

GAP Shopping Spree With Kryzzzie

Hi folks, can you believe it? May's finally bidding to us all a bittersweet farewell and June is here to bring back school and any term that is synonymous to stress and helldays (haha.)

Anyways, how's your summer folks? how did you spend it? was it good? or waaaaaay too unforgettable?
Me? Beyond words to describe! As in literally, this might not be the best yet, but totally the most ashgdsadbfjsndgashdgsd!
Haha. Sorry guys, I'm still left wonderin' on how many times I won giveaways ALREADY over various blogs and IG posts, but to tell you, this is yet the GREATEST! A shopping spree (not to mention: worth 5k!) in GAP together with one of the most renowned style bloggers here in our country and my FAVORITE CEBUANA/GIRLCRUSH Kryz Uy! *insert hearty-heart eyes here.

 Before I leave you guys with a bunch of photos, I want to share to you how I won this huge giveaway!
If you're following Kryz' blog: ( she recently made a small IG contest. We need to choose one outfit that would describe our personal style. So I did choose one and explained to her my style. and pooof, gosh, when May 16 came, on a late afternoon, a notification just popped out on my mobile:

and heeeeeell yeah, I was shouting the whole time when I got to read this and my family was so happy for me. I was so giddy and like jumping all the time. So May 17 came, the day after, I've got a chance to shop with my fave blogger in a high-end clothing brand, and it was indeed a day to remember (the photos below will explain why, haha!) I also want to shoutout my best buds Freya and Christine for accompanying me throughout the whole event. (that explains a lot of wefie shots below too!)

Thank you so much again ate Kryz for this GAP experience and BIGSEEDPr for a wonderful and suh-weeeeeet event!

For staple and crisp basics and high quality denims, head over to GAP now.
GAP Store is located at Level 1, Ayala Center Cebu.




from right: My co-winner ► @charmainecortes, ME, and her sister ► @charissecortes 



Next blog post: What I Wore to this event! Stay tuned!



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    1. thanks a lot Jenina, I'll sure post more stories ♥