June 29, 2014

BILZY X Polytolyowie

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Hey folks!
Thank GOD for this another collaboration. I felt like every partnerships seems an opportunity and an experience for me to become a better blogger and to be able to communicate with others who have always been into fashion and clothes!

This time, POLYTOLYOWIE sent me this super KEWL galaxy top (what my friends go crazy for).
Thanks to Ms. @jeannejalani for the trust :D #happyandblessed

POLYTOLYOWIE is an online shop (started last August 2012) based in Manila/Quezon City Philippines. They sell cool items like, skeleton leggings, shoes, dyed shirts, floral snapbacks, dope bags, earcuffs and a lot MORE. When I say A LOT, I mean it (just head straight to their shop!) Contact them now through SMS/Viber/WeChat 09068046954!

Or follow them on these sites:

INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/polytolyowie

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/PolyTolyOwie

I just love every item they got! Hope to work again with you guys. Thanks a bunch!


"Can I have it?", my friends teased me when I wore this outfit. It's really on trend and a lot of people especially on my IG account told me they so love galaxy and anything intergalactic!

I flaunted this look with my newly bought shoes from a thrift shop (great catch I say!), folded shorts for a complete comfy style and ended up some black accessories. What do you think about the whole getup?

Don't forget to leave your comments below!

They were with me during the shoot. Haha. Goofing around in The Terraces, Ayala!
They are so FUN to be with. I'm so glad to have them as my friends ;D

Galaxy Top - http://instagram.com/polytolyowie
Folded Shorts - DIY Trimmed
Shoes - Thrifted
Black Accessories



Photos by: Jou Ann April Ranario (my beb!)


  1. Hey Bilzy! I've been seeing your improvement since your previous posts. Well done! I must say, I've seen your efforts into keeping your website alive, and I hope you'll find inspiration through your fans, because they love you.