August 10, 2014

Be Exam Ready

Are you prepping up for the midterms or periodical tests over the week? Yeah me too! Some of you may say that HELL WEEK is coming but hey hey, as a student, it's imperative for us to assess what we have learned throughout the semester and evaluate ourselves of how much we have grown. But yeah, I partly say it's gonna be like hell this week but let's just take that as a challenge as we go through the fires of mind-boggling test items and heavy loads of books/notes to read.

Let me share to you guys some of my tips on how to overcome major exams. Trust me, part of them may work, but of course, nothing beats of your own style of being ready. ;)


Pencils, a sharpener, ballpens, papers and everything you'll need for the exam. Pack those things up before leaving the house. A student is responsible. It's a NO NO to ask some pen or paper from your classmate during exams. And of course, don't forget to prepare some snacks!

2. Munch that Brain Food

And speaking of snacks, I always bring with me some brain food to munch to boost my intellectual power during exams. Be it chocolates or a pack of peanuts, these may somehow bring up your mood and fill you with enthusiasm to finish that deadly back-to-back multiple choice test.
More of some best foods for your brain here.

3. Eat Your Breaky

And still speaking about food, never ever leave in an empty stomach. You are in for a cognitive challenge for the rest of your day so it's pretty important to eat your breakfast! This will give you energy, focus and mental advantage.


Say no to CRAMMING! Some of you may be good at it but it pays to be ready. So study that handouts or that single chapter NOW before the day of your exam. Some test requires you to enumerate or identify, so yeah, read your notes ahead.


SRSLY? If you know me, you're pretty sure I'm not good at it. (HAHA!)
Yes, time is limited especially in taking exams. Take your time reading every item of the test but don't stay there for a long time. Allot a minute to answer that problem/question and go to the next part. So always bring with you your watch. Also, don't be late in coming to school, especially to that 7AM major subject exam! (oh no!, never do it!) Set that alarm clock and sleep early.


Yep, CHILL! Don't pressure yourself. You may be nervous of what will come out to the test, but don't let it consume you and just forget everything you have learned and read. Just believe in yourself and always go to your first instinct. And also, don't forget to review your answers! ;)


There you go!
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Ace your exams folks and aim for a perff score!



  1. Hi,
    I really loved this. I'm preparing for an exam I have next week. I love that bag...I've seen them on a few celebs. It really good on you. {} #AndrogynineLife