August 18, 2014


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 Just last year, the country was struck by a super typhoon-who-must-not-be-named, HAIYAN locally known as Yolly, I mean YOLANDA (let's get serious here). Thousands were buried dead and a lot of my fellowmen were left homeless. Despite that tragic calamity, the Filipino spirit remained as firm and undying as before. There is hope in everyone's eyes. A hope to continue in life and to RISE from the ground and survive once more.

Many people have their own way in contributing help to the typhoon victims. Until now, these people who survived need assistance and AccessoRISE PH has a great way to help them! Let me share and spread with you all this humble campaign from an online shop in Instagram.

Selling handmade accessories, AccessoRISE PH has a way to keep on helping those victims from the typhoon. By purchasing these affordable and chic accessories, proceeds will help and support Yolanda (Haiyan) victims.

They were even so sweet! I got inspired from the message Ms. Patricia wrote together with my handmade goodies! I'll certainly continue sharing my passion to others and inspire them from my tiny actions.

You can certainly make a difference. By purchasing items from their shop, which are 100% handmade and original, you can look chic and fab by these good finds and, at the same time, be able to help other people in need.

Want to SHARE the gift of hope NOW?

Contact AccessoRISE PH here:
VIBER/SMS: 09228208952

You can process your orders here.


To match my accessories, I went semi-formal (coz' I actually wore this on a wash day in school!) and popped-up some earth colors to the whole look. Actually, I personally love how this outfit turned out. Mint, grey and brown. Who would have known these colors could compliment each other right?



How's my look?

Striped Mint Buttoned Down Polo (Short-Sleeved)
Grey Skinnies
Round Glasses
Accessories - AccessoRISE PH



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  1. I love the accessories! Thanks for sharing! Would definitely buy something from them! :)


    1. you should Janella! Let me know what accessories you get from them :D

  2. Cool accessories Bilzy! Anyway, can we follow each other via GFC? Thanks! Looking forward to your posts!