August 25, 2014

The Clat Series (UNICOLOR)

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 Oh Hey There!
If you're eyeing for rastaclat-inspired bracelets, well this post is for you!
The new armcandy in the globe is finally here in #StylesOfBilzy. Thanks to BLOOD CLAT MANILA for sending me three clats from their shop. As I was saying in my INSTAGRAM POST, I will be featuring their clats in three OOTDS (watch out for the next two soon!).

On this OOTD, I wore their UNICOLORED (army green) clat. I so love camo pieces especially this one. I'm probably gonna wear this like a million times! Tehehe.

BLOOD CLAT MANILA is an online shop just based in the Philippines selling locally made Rastaclat-inspired bracelets. They have good quality designs that can totally match in your every outfits! They are also open for RESELLERS!

Want more UNICOLOR clats?
Visit and CONTACT them here:

SMS: 09771526071

Finding inspiration in your outfit from an accessory is a good thing to match up the whole look. I mixed navy blue, grey and green hues for my getup. Thanks to METRO Dept. Store for selling this backpack. I immediately bought it when I saw it in the mall so it can pretty match the clat.


Felt like a tourist in visiting MUSEO SUGBO here in our place for an educational tour. Blogging about it too, soon!



What do you think about this look?
Don't forget to head straight to BLOOD CLAT MANILA for more of these awesome bracelets!


Lime Green Wayfarer - METRO Dept. Store
Army Green Backpack - METRO Dept. Store
Polo Shirt - Portside (Robinson's Dept. Store)
Tailored Skinnies
Printed Socks - Richer Poorer
Denim Green Shoes - SM Dept. Store
UNICOLOR Clat Bracelet - Blood Clat Manila



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  1. Simple classy look! Reminds me so much of David Guison, specially on the kamot-ulo pose! :P