February 22, 2015

Temple Of Leah

Styles Of Bilzy

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I am supposedly gonna publish this post yesterday but I was totally on #blueOUT hangover (full story next week haha!) If you're following me on INSTAGRAM, you've probably got an idea. ►

A few weeks back, me and my girlfriends decided to have a fun shoot to a place which recently got frequent into our ears. 'Twas first introduced to us by our friend Eden last year. I actually went crazy in finding out the name of the place and finally, thank God!, I landed on their FACEBOOK page

Well ok here it goes...

With Grecian architecture and interior, Temple Of Leah is probably one of Cebu's top destination to look out for. And yes, it's really on TOP coz' the place is located in Roosevelt St., Busay Cebu City just beside the famous Lantaw Restaurant. What's interesting is that behind those well-carved and mesmerizing exterior is a story of undying love for Teodorico Adarna's wife. He built this museum for his true dedication to the woman of his life, Leah Adarna. This is so our version of India's Taj Mahal. The tourist spot is still on construction that is why they are open for public with no entrance fee for the moment (because one of the workers there told us that when the place is already finished, there might be a payment to enter).

Temple Of Leah

To be honest, we really felt like we're on Temple Of Zeus in Olympia or the Pantheon in Rome. Plus, we got to have an over-looking view of the city too! Wish I could always stop over to the place and take a lot of outfit shots (haha #bloggerproblems). Temple Of Leah is also flocked by people doing their several photoshoots, and of course, I grabbed the chance to have mine as well (for my first style post of the year, yehey!)

With a complete monochrome color palette, I dressed up like a lonely boy looking for his true love (hopeless romantic feels! ... wait whut?! ...Why am I here in Temple Of Leah anyway? #ironic haha). I opted to wear this floral shirt paired with my abused skinny jeans topping off with a fedora and finished it with my soon-to-be-abused thrifted shoes. What can you say?

Shots by: Jou Anne, Laila & Shammel
Fedora - Laila's Goody from Taiwan
Glasses - @basicdreamsph
Choker - @craftsnsoul
Floral Shirt - LOALDE
Jeans - Tailored and Thrifted
Socks - Richer Poorer
Shoes - Thrifted
"Hope you had fun reading this 2-in-1 post. More photos of Temple Of Leah soon when it's already fully furnished! Leave your comments below!"

Bilzy Sombilon


  1. Ahhhh ka nice sa photos! Nice kaau og poses dah! Suya kaayo ko! Paghandaan gyud nako kung muadto ko! Hahaha

    1. as in mommy Janine, makaboang ang place for bloggers jud char ahahha :D

  2. Hiii Bilzy! It's been a while and all I can say is wow you really grow as a blogger. I've witnessed how great you've improved and inspired people. I hope to you your major success, soon!

    xX Michelle.

    Lasting On My Mind

    1. hello Michelle thank you for that comment, :*

  3. You have a great post. So Nice... More powers! ♥

  4. I never knew palces like this could exist in the Philippines. It's like Greece or something. It's a definite travel-must-go-to. Thanks for sharing this. Also, great outfit and you and your friends are just the happiest bunch. Beautiful photos.

    Stay Wonderful Always,
    Kintsugi of Life

    PS. I have my very first giveaway on my blog. Hope you can join.

    1. thank you Heide! Stay Wonderful and COOOOOOOOOOOL!

  5. That's a wonderful place!