January 30, 2016

Stay True

I'm wearing this turner shirt in magenta by +Roots Est. 2014 (@rootsest2014 in Instagram) from their ROOTS BASIC collection!
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I definitely can't get over with Mayman Ka Dhai's HOW TO BE A BLOGGER videos, of course if you can understand bisaya then WAHAHAHA ROFL!...

Anyways, they hilariously introduce some tips on how you can become a fashion blogger by imitating popular poses from style icons. I see it just for fun, really! but in the other hand, there's more than that to be a BLOGGER! Yes, you have all the money in the world, the model-like poses, and the unlimited access to gadgets and the internet, but you should possess one thing, being TRUE, and STAYing TRUE as a person and as yourself! Blogging should reflect who and what kind-of-a-person the author is. It's another platform wherein you can BE YOURSELF, share and talk all you want, because to blog is to influence other people by how you live life, whether you're a fashionista, a traveler, a mom, a media personnel, or even a foodie! What matters in this world is not how good or bad you are, STAY TRUE, and you'll definitely leave a mark!

Shots by Jou Anne 

Gray Fedora Hat
Sunnies - Converse "Jack Purcell"
Shirt - ROOTSEST2014
Gray Pants
Boots - HUMAN

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"PS. HAPPY NEW YEAR FOLKS!, It's been awhile, but don't worry, I have so much plans for this lil space of mine after I'll graduate! wohoooo *fingerscrossed"

Bilzy Sombilon


  1. This post makes since. There's more to just taking artsy photos, kamot-ulo pose and all hehe.