April 14, 2016

Partners In Crime (Dalaguete Day 1)

Most of the time, we associate handcuffs to those people who commit a crime or to secure prisoners, but for a jewelry line called Marcy's Jewelry, it probably means something more than that (in a positive note of course!), something more valuable for humans to have - COMMITMENT.

Instagram Photos: @ohohbilzy | Edited in VSCO

I spent the very few days of 2015 with the best people I have right now - my bestfirends! We call our clique as GIRLFRIENDS (*insert Icona Pop single!), Haha, well anyway, here's a glimpse of what you can see if it's your first time to travel to Mantalongon, one of the barangays in the province of Dalaguete here in Cebu. Approximately you can reach the cold mountains for about 2 hours and 30 minutes from the City by taking a bus ride in the South Bus Terminal heading to the town of Dalaguete then riding a motorcycle to get you there.

Mantalongon is known to be the "Vegetable Basket of Cebu". The barangay has been a supplier for other towns in Cebu and has distributed different kinds of vegetables to be sold in the public markets in the city.  I was actually very fascinated of the wide array of cabbages, sayotes, spring onions and so many more planted in every fertile soil in the place, even in the streetsides! (*don't you dare snatch one, HAHA). We also came across farmers who were carrying along with them huge baskets (*locals call it "bukag") wherein they put their fresh harvests.

Also called as the "Summer Capital of Cebu", Mantalongon is actually the coldest place I have been to wherein residents don't need air conditioning units or electric fans because it's literally COLD!, most especially at night (*even the water from their faucet is darn cold!). What I love about the place are the wild Anthuriums and the Pine Trees of different sizes everywhere (*and also the fog anytime of the day!) 

We're completely different from each other, but we share one common love, and that's FRIENDSHIP. It's a commitment where you let your friends love and care for you each and every single day. I am just so lucky to have friends like them, I guess they are stuck (*like a handcuff!) with me for life. Klayd, Jou Anne, Mary Ann, Laila  and (*insert Laurence) - cheers for more fun moments with you guys and most especially, another year of causing trouble! (sssssh)

*shots by Jou Anne

Handcuff Jewelry - Marcy Lim of Marcy's Jewelry
Old Sweater
Skinny Jeans
Boots - HUMAN
Shades - +MetroSunnies Eyewear (@metrosunnies)

"Do let me know if you and your friends are coming over to Mantalongon, comment below! One tip, wear SWEATERS!"

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Bilzy Sombilon